Security Upgrades

Security Upgrades

Retrofit Your Space. Easily transform your existing furniture into concealed ballistic resistant protection with our bullet resistant wall paneling.

Bullet Resistant Retrofit

SafeWood Designs can easily transform your existing furniture into concealed ballistic resistant protection. We can integrate our bullet resistant wall paneling into your existing desks/furniture without compromising your interior décor. This transformation works great for government centers, police stations, hospitals, clinics, and reception areas. The pictures below show a city council chamber dais retrofitted with bullet resistant wall panels that have been finished with a black PLAM. Very discreet!

The process is simple, cost effective, and quicker than a refurbish.

So how does it work?

  • Measure your existing furniture that you would like to have retrofitted with our ballistic wall paneling
  • Send the measurements to SafeWood Designs
  • Our drafter will draw out your retrofit for confirmation
  • Once confirmed and approved, panels are cut to size
  • Then our panels are shipped for easy face-screw installation

Have more questions? Contact us. Our physical security experts are standing by to help.

Stay Safe!