SafeShutter™ Bullet Resistant Whiteboard


SafeShutter™ Whiteboard provides a flexible option for ballistic protection.  It provides multi-use bullet resistant safety and a workable whiteboard in a classroom, home or conference room setting. In the event of an active shooter or assailant, simply unlock the shutter and swing it open to cover your window or door. Once opened, lock the SafeShutter™ in place. When seconds matter, the SafeShutter™ effectively blocks the line of sight of an assailant and offers the bullet resistant security and protection you require. These are available in 90 degree or 180 degree open radius.

The SafeShutter™ can be created with any wood species, PLAM, and/or finish to match your interior design and décor. Contact us for custom builds.

Available in UL1 through UL8 depending on your safety needs.

Pair with our UL752 Bullet Resistant Wall Panels for seamless bullet protection: Click Here