Safe Schools, Safe Kids

Unfortunately, shootings have become more prevalent in recent years and the call for better safety and security in schools has risen dramatically. Our experience and craftsmanship allow us to provide extraordinary protection at key thresholds throughout school buildings, without compromising the current structure or décor.

Presenting a “lock down, safe house” or “prison” looking building façade garners fear and discomfort. Our modular system of components and materials are based on years of custom built solutions that integrate bullet resistant products. This system comprises of doors, wall panels, SafeShutters™, SafeSlideouts™, windows, hardware systems and furniture that all seamlessly integrate with an existing building structure and its features. This is vitally important to maintain an environment that is not only safer and more secure, but remains a warm and welcoming space for the school community.

Available in UL752 levels 1-8
2 Panel Maple Shaker Bullet Resistant Barn Door || UL752 Level 3